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The purpose of the Windy City Soaring Association is educational.

Our members participate in a program of education and training in the art and science of soaring within a club atmosphere.

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Windy City Soaring Association is a non-profit organization, a 501(c)(7) social club, dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of soaring.

Our members are also part of the Soaring Society of America.

We are based at Hinckley Airport (0C2) just outside the friendly village of Hinckley, Illinois, situated about fifty miles west of downtown Chicago.

We are a short drive from most locations in northern Illinois and an easy spot to fly in if you are already a pilot.

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Windy City Soaring turns dreams of flight into a reality. Come out to the airport and talk with us about flying (caution: we talk about flying almost as much as we enjoy flying itself!), meet some of our members, observe our flight operations, check out the many gliders on the field, take an introductory ride, and experience the joy of soaring.


Our membership consists of novice to professional pilots. All of us find soaring a great benefit.


We hold a summer corn festival, a fall chili fest, and annual events. Family, friends, and anyone interested in learning to fly are all welcome.


Getting a glider rating is one of the cheapest and best ways to get your FAA wings. Start your flying career here or add a rating to complete the FAA BFR requirements.


We have versitile instructors in the club ready to get you started or help get the dust off your wings so you can soar to new heights.


Our flying season is from April to November. We use the winter months for planned maintenance and starting new projects.


Review membership details about joining the club.


The club maintains two tow planes and five sailplanes. Members also keep private equipment on the field for easy assembly and flight on the great thermaling days.


Pawnee 235

The ‘new’ workhorse.



Pawnee 235

Stable, still has the hopper.



Schweizer 2-33

Our basic trainer.



Grob 103 Twin II

High-performance glider.



Schleicher ASK-21

High performance trainer.



Schleicher ASK-21

High performance trainer.



Swidnick PW-5

Single-place, high-performance fiberglass sailplane.


Introductory Flights

Windy City Soaring Association offers introductory flights through the SSA FAST (Fly A Sailplane Today!) program. Your lesson will include 30 minutes of ground instruction and approximately 30 minutes of flight time, during which you will handle the controls of the glider under the guidance of our FAA-certified glider flight instructor. Scheduling is weather- and instructor-dependent, so please contact us for more information or to coordinate your introductory flight.

Get In Touch

Our flying season is from April to November. Feel free to call (815) 286-7200 or submit details on the form for more information.

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