To discuss Membership, call us at (815) 286-7200 or e-mail our membership director here.

Member Benefits

Windy City Soaring Members turn dreams of flight into a reality. Come out to the airport and talk with us about flying, (caution – we like to talk about flying almost as much as we enjoy flying itself!), meet some of our members, observe our flight operations, check out the many gliders on the field, take an introductory ride, and experience the joy of soaring.

Yes You Can!

The range of our members flying experience includes aviation beginners, seasoned multi rating instructors, cross country experts, and even a few state record holders. So it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced pilot or are just looking to take your first glider ride. If you want to fly or you just want to find out what flying is all about, you will fit right in! Even if you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. But, chances are, once you see how much we all love what we do here, you are likely to catch the bug.

Flight Instruction

Getting your private glider rating is one of the cheapest ways to get your FAA wings. No other form of flight training has a lower cost unless you are a Red Tail Hawk. A number of our members are FAA Certified Flight Instructors and volunteer their time to provide both primary flight instruction and transition training (for those pilots looking to earn an additional rating). Windy City Soaring Association welcomes everyone who has an interest in motor-less flight. Aviation neophytes, power transition pilots, and those getting back into flying after many years off, are all encouraged to join in the soaring experience. In addition to our cadre of FAA Certified Instructors, our membership also includes glider pilots with a wide range of experience who can provide tips on the basics, on advanced cross-country and even competition level soaring.

Access to Aircraft

Club Owned Aircraft of a wide variety are available for member use. Check out our Club Aircraft page to get a look at our beautiful fleet. Then, also take a look at our Membership Fees page to see how affordable flying can be for members.

Social Activities

Our social activities are outstanding as well as plentiful. It seems like we will pull out the grill to barbecue at the drop of a hat. We also have several planned annual events. You truly won’t want to miss our Summer Corn Fest or our Fall Chili Fest. It is important to note that it is always our pleasure to welcome family, friends and even curious passers by. We are truly a friendly group!

Membership Structure

Structure and Privileges

Regular Family Youth Associate
Term Unlimited Unlimited e/o 21 yrs Short
Eligibility No Restrictions Spouse or Child No Restrictions At Board Discretion
Age Limits >21 child must be < 21 13 - 21 n/a
Club Initiation Fee Yes Yes Yes No
SSA Membership Required Required Required Required
CLGC Membership Required Required Required No
Scholarship Eligibility No No No Yes
Facilities Use Yes Yes Yes Limited
Voting Rights Yes Yes Yes‡ No
Hold Office Yes Yes Yes‡ No
Guarantor None None Yes (<18) None

– only 1 member may vote or hold office
– Regular Member Initiation Fee Level must be reached

Membership Pricing

Club Fees

Regular Family Youth Associate
Initiation Fee $600 Regular +$125/ member $100/yr§
Monthly $41.50 Regular + $13.00 ea addl $21.00
SSA Membership (Annual) $72.00 Regular + $42.00 ea addl $42.00 $72 Adult / $42 Youth
CLGC Membership (Annually) $10.00 Regular + $10.00 ea addl $10.00

§ – Paid until Regular Member Initiation Fee Level is reached

Club Aircraft Rental Rates

  • $15/hr Schweizer 2-33
  • $22/hr PZL-SWIDNIK PW-5
  • $35/hr Grob 103 Twin II
  • $40/hr Schleicher ASK-21

Instruction Surcharge

  • $15 per hour

All instruction is provided by FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFIG).

Aero-tow Rates

Amount Notes
$10.00 Hook up fee
$1.12 each 100ft of tow to 3000’ AGL
$1.46 each 100ft of tow above 3000’ AGL
$1.84 each 100ft of tow above 6000’ AGL

*Aero-tow prices may be adjusted based on fuel prices.

Aero-tow Retrieve Rates

A $35 flat fee is charged for all retrievals within 11 nautical miles or less from Hinckley (0C2) airport.
All retrievals farther than 11 nautical miles from Hinckley (0C2) airport are billed at the cost of a 2000ft tow + $70/hr.

*Aero-tow prices may be adjusted quarterly

Field Use Fees:

Members with privately owned sailplanes are charged a Field Use Fee of $300/year. The fee includes a tie-down location in the aircraft staging area.

Hangar Fees:

WCSA rents hangars from PIC in which full time and winter rental space is available on a limited basis. Full-time storage, including Field Use Fees, is $110.00 per month. Winter storage (December-April) is $300.00 per season.